As our nice brewhouse is already the 5th year in operation, it appeared to be time for some changes. So we went busy again and erected a music stage above the kitchen zone. Now we can provide background music on regular evenings as well as DJ music during special events.

We used the decreed stillstand to pimp up our interior decoration and to do some necessary maintenance

Installation of ceiling beams above the kitchen area
Installing the first layer of the floor board, everyone’s helping busily
While the DJ is testing the juke boxes, the master brewer is testing the beer. It appears to be tasty….
Soundcheck: DJ Karina and DJ Friede

Also the tower suite looked a little naked and had been decided to become more cosy. A chandelier would fit well in there. The question was wether to chose a forged iron design or to use a wagon wheel as base. Decision was made for the weel design. Now the wheel had to be organized. Only one wainwright could be found over the whole country. As the required size of 75″ dia. is out of the standard, lead time was way too long. Hence DIY was the alternative and we started manufacturing on our own.

Karl does the lathe works for the wheel hub. Due to the size we had to improvise first.
Pre manufactured segments for the wheel rim
Tenon holes finished
Shrinking of the rings
Lathing of the journals on the spokes
Carving of the spokes
Fitting in the spokes
Fitting in the rim segments
Quite big it has become
Initially the suspension for the chandelier had to be fixed to the roof beams. As a big person was required, the master brewer had to act.
And it hangs